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Chimborazo Elementary School's Teaching Garden

We recently partnered with Anna Aquino, Richmond Landscape Architect, to work on a project for Chimborazo Elementary School located in Richmond, VA.  She designed and created a beautiful "Outdoor Teaching Garden" and it came to life last month in historic Churchhill.  This was made possible with all of Anna's hard work and dedication, various vendors and subcontractors, as well as a grant from Capital One.  

Anna created stools and a table to be used outside to create an outdoor classroom.  She designed images of flowers and plants and had them captured by FloorPix.  We at Lewis Brothers Industrial Floors, Inc. took these images and embedded them into the stools and table under layers of acrylic coatings. These were later installed outside along with added landscaping touches to complete her vision.  It was great working with you Anna and the final results were amazing!  Check out more images of this project in our Photo Gallery.

Chimborazo Elementary School's Teaching Garden