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Lewis Brothers supporting 2018 TIP Youth Ambassador

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Lewis Brothers was proud to sponsor Lottie Crawford and Ink this year for the 2018 State Horse Show Championships! Our support also helps the entire Virginia 4H Horse Program to be able to host the biggest show of the year for over 100 riders and their horses at the Virginia Horse Center in September!

2018 State Horse Show Championships

Lindsay Chevrolet

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Lindsay Chevrolet...what a great looking floor!  Installed 9/2015

Haley Chevrolet

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Another fine install by the crew.  Haley Chevrolet Service Bays 9/2015

Old Bust Head Brewing Co

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We used Poly-Crete Floor System at Old Bust Head Brewing Co.  Poly-Crete is recommended for applications where wet processing, chemical contamination and high temperature cleaning is carried out. Poly-Crete systems offer a notable advantage in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, meeting strict food safety guidelines.  Poly-Crete systems have zero VOC's, are chemical resistant, slip resistant, thermal shock resistant and much more.  See full Product Brochure at http://dur-a-flex.com/Download/GetFile/Dur-A-Flex_Poly-Crete_Brochure.pdf